Top 10 Holiday Hosting Tips

This is it, for the first time ever you’re in charge of the Christmas party planning and holiday hosting. Take a breath, there’s no need to panic! We have everything you need to host a killer dinner. Read our Top 10 Holiday Hosting Tips to make this year a breeze!

1) Make a list (and check it twice)

Putting your to-dos on paper is a wonderful way to beat the stress and get focused. Include a timeline and “due-by” date to keep yourself on track while you prep for the holidays!

2) Preorder your turkey, ham or goose

Is there really anything worse than that last-minute scramble for the components of a delicious holiday meal? Luckily, you can preorder your holiday goose, ham, or turkey from Urban Butcher! All it takes is a simple online form submission and voila! Seriously…’s that easy!

3) Plan all of your recipes well ahead of time

Time to grab a notepad, call grandma and ask for some of her favourite family recipes and cooking advice! Trust us, she has mastered the Christmas feast.

4) Stock up on all the ingredients you’ll need well in advance

Minus the produce, most of the essentials for Christmas baking can be purchased far in advance! Take advantage of the quieter parts of December and stock up on all the extras you’ll need for holiday hosting. Remember to also prep your house with lots of nibbles such as crackers, olives, Urban Butcher Elk Salami and chips to keep the crowd pleased!

5) Purchase a wide variety of beverages!

From soda to wine, it’s important to stock up on different items that may not already be found in your home! Everyone has their own favourite holiday drink after all!

6) Cook Ahead

Save yourself the trouble on Christmas Day by cooking all you can before! Stews, pastries and many other items freeze well, so you only have to worry about thawing them the day of (trust us, no one will know the difference)!

7) Skip the paper napkins and plates

Although there’s nothing better than a cleanup that only involves throwing away what everyone is using. Christmas is the time of year for real silverware and linen napkins! Time to get on Pinterest for a little holiday tablescape inspo!

8) Don’t be afraid to ask for help

That’s what family and friends are for after all!


9) Make it a Potluck

Interested in only doing a small portion of the cooking? Let your family and friends know you’ll be hosting a potluck dinner this year. Create a group chat and tell everyone to volunteer to cook their favourite Christmas item! This way everyone is responsible for a delicious dish, and you can divert all your focus on hosting a killer event!

10)  Leave the cooking to someone else this year!

Have you ever considered not having to worry about ANY of the holiday cooking? Preorder your Christmas Dinner for Six from Urban Butcher and Our Daily Brett. Perfectly built for smaller intimate gatherings, your guests don’t ever have to know your secret! ????


Although your first time hosting for the holidays may feel a little intimidating at first, have no fear! Follow these tips to ease the stress and keep your Christmas Day as it should be, relaxing!


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