Frozen Ground Chicken Breast – 25% OFF

Diet/Organic Food/SALE

Frozen Ground Chicken Breast – 25% OFF

Great news for you and your wallet, we now have frozen Ground Chicken Breast on SALE at our Mission location.

Natural Ground Chicken Breast is a versatile ingredient and perfect for homemade burgers, chili, spaghetti sauces, and much more! We source our chicken from Maple Hill Farms, who create a top quality products by ensuring their chickens live a humane and healthy lifestyle supported by care and cleanliness.

Starting February 15th, we’re offering Frozen Ground Chicken Breast for 25% off.

Be sure to stop by our Mission location to pick up your cooking essentials to transform this ingredient into a delicious dish.

Reg Price $33.43 kg or $15.17 lb
Sale Price $25.07 kg or $11.38 lb.

While quantities last.