Pre-Order Your Traditional Christmas Roast Goose – SOLD OUT

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Pre-Order Your Traditional Christmas Roast Goose – SOLD OUT

** Our Christmas Goose option has SOLD OUT. Thank you for shopping local! **

With the festive season on the door step, it’s time to start planning this year’s Christmas Feast. Urban Butcher is proud to offer you a selection of beautifully plump, locally raised, free range geese to cook up this year!

At Urban Butcher we value tradition, and a roast goose on Christmas Day can be dated back to the era of Charles Dickens, when he writes about it in the world-famous novel ‘A Christmas Carol’. Much of Dickens’ storytelling has influenced a lot of what we, in North America consider a ‘Traditional Christmas’ today!

You might be hesitant at the thought of a roast goose as opposed to a turkey; however, by making the switch you will gain richer flavors, plus a jar of your very own goose fat – perfect for adding flavor to your cooking for days to come!

Goose meat is dark and succulent, and when cooked to perfection, will fall off the bone at the touch of your fork. It’s high in fat, (don’t let this deter you) meaning it will melt in your mouth. When roasted the meat will release juices, which is essential for basting the bird and roasting other vegetables. There is nothing that excites us more than the ‘crisp as a cracker’ golden skin that coats the goose when cooked!

We’ve heard rumors that cooking the perfect roast goose is difficult – however at Urban Butcher we stand to disagree. What it does require is patience and endurance. With those two key skills we believe you have what it takes to cook yourself up a beautiful, juicy and extremely flavorful bird!

We’ve put together a few top tips for cooking the perfect roast goose:

  1. Make sure your goose is at room temperature prior to preparing and cooking.
  2. Prick small holes over the skin being careful not to pierce the meat. These act as steam holes, allowing the fat to disperse creating that sought after crispy crackling skin – YUM!
  3. Season generously with salt/pepper and stuff with aromatic flavors and herbs i.e garlic, sage, thyme.
  4. Cook at a low temperature – we recommend 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. BE PATIENT! It’s going to take a little longer to cook then you think! Baste the goose regularly and be careful not to overcook! The goose is cooked when the meat falls easily off the leg bone.
  6. Last but not least – save and pour the fat into a container, cool, and refrigerate. This is excellent for flavoring future meals.

If you have any further questions on roasting a goose, drop by any Urban Butcher location and talk to our knowledgeable butchers – they have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves to help inspire our customers.


Try something new this year! Pre-order your goose at Urban Butcher here: 

$7.20 a lb or $15.87 per kg. Goose will be frozen.

Order by Friday, December 20 at 3 p.m.

Order online, in store at Urban Butcher or call to order. We will require $20 deposit.

Pick up from Urban Butcher on December 21st, 22nd, 23rd throughout regular store hours, or 24th by 2 pm.