Shop Safe This Fall at Urban Butcher

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Shop Safe This Fall at Urban Butcher


As we prepare for fall here at Urban Butcher, the commitment to the safety of our guests, staff, and community continues to be our top priority. That is why we continue to implement protocols to provide a stress-free and safe shopping experience.

These safety steps at the shop include increased cleaning and sanitizing, as well as complimentary face masks for any customers that forgot their own! Our butchers will also be sporting new face shields while they assist you with your shopping experience!

Skip the Grocery Store

Did you know that in addition to meat, we also offer a variety of other products at the shop including sauces, rubs, pasta, eggs, and more?!

Skip the rush of the grocery store and enjoy a more personalized shopping experience with us! Our butchers are looking forward to assisting you with your next meal!

New Items at the shop!

Ask us about our new items the next time you’re in!

  • Joe Beef spices, rubs and BBQ sauces
  • Smoke Show rubs and BBQ sauces
  • Jenny’s Delectables stuffed potatoes with crab meat
  • Pie Junkie Jamaican beef pies
  • CRMR Kitchen Red Eye BBQ sauce
  • CRMR Roasted Berry Jam and Vanilla Peach Jelly

Get Ready for Autumn, Our Favourite Fall Recipe to Welcome the Changing Season

Hearty Bison Bolognese

For a classic Bolognese, swing by and pick up some Ground Bison raised on the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch to incorporate into your sauce as an exciting alternative to beef. We recommend sautéing the meat until it is cooked through, removing from the heat, and then doing the same with a combination of carrots, onions, and garlic. Next add in a splash of wine, some tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, and some CRMR Kitchen Game Stock. Then be sure to toss in some spices such as oregano, thyme, and bay leaves, and let the sauce simmer away – near the end, add in a splash of heavy cream and stir until it is thick and velvety. Serve hot over your favourite pasta and enjoy!

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As always, we appreciate our community so much during this time. We look forward to seeing you all at the shop soon!