Pre-Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey – SOLD OUT

Thank you for your support! Our Thanksgiving turkeys are sold out. Alongside ham, Urban Butcher will be selling whole fresh turkeys for you to cook up a fall season feast this Thanksgiving. We are now taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving turkeys, and the best part? You can order yours from the comfort of your own home! Priced at $4.49 per lb…


Saddle Up for Stampede with Smokin’ Hot Local Meats & Eats

It’s time to dust off the cowboy hat, pull out the cowboy boots and saddle up for the ride because it’s Calgary Stampede time! If your stomach rumbles at just the thought of all the smokin’ hot food that goes hand-in-hand with this western celebration, we’ve got some ideas to get the juices flowing for your next backyard honky-tonk bash. We’ve put together a…