25% Off Natural Beef Ribeyes & Striploins

25% Off Natural Beef Ribeyes & Striploins

From August 28th to September 4th, all three Urban Butcher locations will be offering our local and naturally raised Beef Ribeye & Striploin steaks for 25% off. Stop by Mission, Willow Park Village, or our newly-opened shop in Granary Road Market this week to pick some up!

Both the Ribeye and Striploin steaks are raised locally without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics, and are the perfect centerpiece to a summer meal done on the BBQ. Ask our butchers for tips on how to achieve a perfectly cooked steak.

urban butcher-beef-ribeye-striploin-steakLocal & Natural Beef Ribeye

Cut from the rib section, these delicious beef steaks are smooth, fine textured and exceptionally tender. For best results, remove from the fridge for 20 minutes to bring to room temperature and rub with Urban Butcher Steak Spice. Then sear the steak at a very high temperature to seal-in natural juices and fat, then moving it to lower heat to finish

Local & Natural Beef Striploin

Beef striploin is a delicious and relatively tender cut of meat that is filled with flavour due to consistent marbling and firm textures, and tends to be a leaner beef option to compliment a healthy diet. It is an extremely versatile cut of beef that tastes great in roasts or cut into steaks. Try grilling it on the BBQ accompanied with some CRMR Kitchen Whiskey BBQ Sauce for a smoky kick.