Introducing cold smoked steaks to Calgary!

Introducing cold smoked steaks to Calgary!

For the first time in Calgary, Urban Butcher is introducing cold smoked steaks. Smoked in house at Canadian Rocky Mountain Resort’s production centre, the cold smoked ribeye and striploin steaks will pack a smoke-filled punch at your next barbeque.

The steaks are first marinated in a marinade that is free of gluten, then spiced with Urban Butcher’s signature Smoke House spice mixture, and finally cold smoked.

“By cold smoking the steaks, we introduce a delicious smokey flavour that permeates the meat and creates a succulent steak,” says Bob Choquette, Operations Manager and Master Butcher at Urban Butcher. “The steaks are still raw when you purchase them, so they still need to be grilled. But consider this a shortcut in the kitchen, if you enjoy the flavour created when using wood chips when grilling your steak.”

The cold smoked ribeye steaks are high quality AAA beef, whereas the cold smoked striploins are high quality AA beef. The cold smoked steaks are not naturally raised.

“We have decided to introduce a high quality AA and AAA beef in to the stores, as we have listened to customers comments and want to offer a more affordable option for some customers,” adds Choquette. “The customer will be able to choose whether they prefer naturally raised or high quality AA or AAA.”

The cold smoked steaks will be available at all Urban Butcher locations including Mission, Willow Park Village and Granary Road when it is open.