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Sustainably sourced Tuna Steaks are a delicious alternative to red meat. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, among other valuable nutrients, this cut is satisfyingly filling yet light and fresh tasting. We recommend cooking these up on the BBQ, this steak is a summer essential!
Wild caught 6oz
$ 8.19
Sold individually
Choose basa fillet for your next dinner and make meal prep a snap! This versatile fish is quick to cook, and can be panfried, baked, and grilled.
Farm Raised
$ 13.23
Per kg
Made from natural beef and bacon, no spices, no fillers.
4 per pkg approx 680g
$ 29.14
Per kg
Brisket is truly flavorful and a delicious fan favourite. We recommend braising with red wine, beer and chili, or using the slow cooker. The best thing about brisket is that the large amount of meat yields plenty of leftovers. Raised without the use of added hormones or steroids and no antibiotics.
Per kg
$ 23.72

Per kg

A great addition to any backyard BBQ, this flank steak tastes great with a soya sauce marinade and served alongside potato salad. Raised without the use of added hormones or steroids and no antibiotics.
Per kg
$ 39.10

Per kg

A barbecue classic and grilling essential this summer are our Beef Hot Dogs. These nostalgic and smoky dogs hold all the best flavors when combined with your favorite toppings.
4 per pkg approx 250g
$ 23.10

Per kg