Top Tips That Will Change Your Chicken Game For Good

Top Tips That Will Change Your Chicken Game For Good

Chicken is a staple ingredient in many kitchens, especially over the summer months thanks to its light flavor and versatile cooking possibilities. This season we’re excited to announce that our fresh chicken is now sourced from the local poultry farm High River Chicken Inc.


Based just south of Calgary, this farm produces delicious, naturally raised birds at a much larger size than most conventional farms. Raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, these birds are free run and graze on natural vegetation. The price of these cuts will have you saying “goodbye” to cheap alternatives, and after cooking and seeing the exceptional taste, size and tenderness of the finished piece, you’ll never turn back!



Top Tips for Cooking the Best Tasting Chicken Dishes

This summer we’re bringing you our top tips for cooking the tastiest, perfectly juicy chicken dishes for an unforgettable summer feast. Looking at a few cuts available in our store we encourage you to ‘Keep it Natural’ this summer with these scrumptious suggestions!


BBQ Chicken Skewers

Long summer days mean one thing: it’s time to turn the BBQ on! Brighten up the grill with some delicious Chicken Kabobs stacked with veggies and diced chicken breast. Marinade your chicken in a sweet honey, soy and seasoned mix before sandwiching it onto skewers with veggies high in natural sugars including peppers, red onion and tomatoes. When you grill these bad boys, the natural sugars will combine with the juicy meat and sweet delicious flavors will develop – YUM!


Stuffed Chicken Breast

One of our favorite chicken dishes, because it’s easy to prep, quick to cook and the results are mouthwateringly great! We’d recommend skin-on chicken breasts that will boast a crispy crunch finish, adding another level of delight to each bite! Create a pocket inside the breast and pipe your desired filling in for an extra delicious twist on a classic. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and fry skin side down until it starts to turn a beautiful golden brown colour. Place the breasts into a preheated oven to fully cook and remember to let them rest before slicing! Check out our Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe for a full cook along with our Urban Butcher Chef, Lance Monteiro.


Ground Chicken Burgers

Using naturally raised ground chicken as the base of your summer burgers will be a flippin’ life changer! Mix your fresh ground chicken with finely sliced shallots, garlic, egg, breadcrumbs and handful of fresh herbs including dill, chives, parsley. Finally add a splash of paprika for the ultimate summer heat and season with salt and pepper. Create your burger sized patties and leave to rest before throwing onto the grill. Top these bad boys with some fresh salsa, avocado and greens for some seriously sensational summer burger bites.


Just Chicken Wing It

Chicken wings are a party platter pleaser that will disappear within minutes if they’re prepped and sauced to perfection! We believe there a three essential ‘MUSTS’ these bites must hold:
1. Tender meat on the bone. Make sure you’re using plump and natural chicken meat.
2. An outside crunch. Coat the wings with salt and baking powder to get dry crispy crunch with each bite.
3. An appetizing sauce that will have you going back from more. Pick your favorite BBQ Sauce or create your own sweet and savory mixture to impress your party pals.


If you have questions on how best to prep any Chicken products bought from our Mission store, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable butchers. Cheers to the summer chicken feasts ahead!