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Beef Hot Dogs

A barbecue classic and grilling essential this summer are our Beef Hot Dogs. These nostalgic and smoky dogs hold all the best flavors when combined with your favorite toppings.

Beef Smokies

Beef Smokies are the perfect crowd-pleaser for gatherings and BBQ parties. These smokies are made with naturally raised beef, without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Enjoy them on an artisan bun with your favourite condiments and fresh, local produce.

Beef Smokies with Cheese

Get the best of both flavours with these Beef and Cheese Smokies at your next barbeque party! The cheese filling enhances the juicy taste of natural beef in each and every bite. Enjoy them on an artisan bun with some CRMR Kitchen condiments and fresh, local produce.

Bison Back Ribs

Bison Back Ribs are extra meaty and full of flavor. A healthy low fat alternative to beef or pork and delicious marinade in BBQ sauce. This lean cut of meat won’t disintegrate while cooking and they are guaranteed to impress guests at your next BBQ. Raised naturally at the CRMR Ranch with no added hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics.

Pig Wings

Have a love for chicken wings and looking to shake things up? Try our pig wings, which are pork shanks trimmed down to satisfy BBQ lovers! Get all of the fun of wing night without having to prepare such large batches. Pig wings offer a larger and heartier option which turns into less prep time! The perfect addition to any…