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Gourmet Stuff’d Potatoes

Jenny’s Delectables are our new Gourmet Stuff’d Potatoes sold in store. Locally made in Calgary, these potatoes come filled with fresh ingredients sourced from local growers. We have a selection of flavours including: The Traditional, The Heat, The Classic and Fully Loaded Potato Skins. Pick up these cheese filled bites for a satisfying party appetizer or easy evening meal.

Pie Junkie – Assorted Flavours

Now in store, Pie Junkie savoury pies, made fresh in Calgary. Fillings are made at their bakery using the best ingredients, including naturally raised Alberta beef, pork and lamb.

The flavours to choose from include: Lamb Shepard’s Pie, Steak and Mushroom, Butter Chicken, Italian, Chicken Pot Pie, Aussie Style Beef and Brie and Chutney.