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Bison Back Ribs

Bison Back Ribs are extra meaty and full of flavor. A healthy low fat alternative to beef or pork and delicious marinade in BBQ sauce. This lean cut of meat won’t disintegrate while cooking and they are guaranteed to impress guests at your next BBQ. Raised naturally at the CRMR Ranch with no added hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics.


Bison Top Round

Using this lean and flavourful cut, you can whip up a delicious roast by simply tossing the ingredients in a large cooking dish, setting it in the oven, and forgetting it. The best way to achieve fall-apart and tender meat is to sear it hard and fast at the outset so that the Bison browns on the outside and develops some intense and deep flavor before cooking and breaking down slowly.


Ham is a delicious and relatively tender cut of meat that is filled with flavor due to consistent marbling and firm textures. It is an extremely versatile cut of meat that tastes great when glazes and roasted. Raised without the use of added hormones or steroids and no antibiotics.

Pierogies from Jenny’s Delectables

Nothing says comfort food quite like pierogies! In stock now, are Pierogies from Jenny’s Delectables which are all-natural and locally made in Southern Alberta! With four flavors to choose from including: the traditional, baby fresh dill, the heat, and mushroom swiss, they ensure the satisfied feeling of comfort food.


Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder is a delicious option when considering the centerpiece of your meal. It is best when cooked low and slow, resulting in immensely succulent and flavourful meat perfect for a variety of meals.

Roast Goose

Urban Butcher is proud to offer naturally & locally raised in Pincher Creek, geese. The meat of a goose is dark and succulent, and when cooked to perfection, will fall off the bone at the touch of your fork. It’s high in fat, meaning it will melt in your mouth. When roasted the meat will release juices, which is essential for basting the bird and roasting other vegetables. There is nothing that excites us more than the ‘crisp as a cracker’ golden skin that coats the goose when cooked!

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