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Ahi Tuna Steak


Sustainably sourced Tuna Steaks are a delicious alternative to red meat. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, among other valuable nutrients, this cut is satisfyingly filling yet light and fresh tasting. We recommend cooking these up on the BBQ, this steak is a summer essential!

Jumbo Scallop


These sweet, juicy scallops make for an easy yet elegant meal at home. Cook them up to add to a seafood pasta or wrap them in bacon for a delicious appetizer.

Jumbo Shrimp Raw


Delicious for backyard BBQs, pastas, salads and everything in between.

Wild Halibut Fillets


This responsibly raised HalibutĀ is full of omega-3 benefits, vitamin B12 and is loaded with protein. Try it on the grill or for fish tacos.

Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets


This responsibly raised Salmon is full of omega-3 benefits, and tastes delicious in a number of dishes, or just on its own.


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