Celebrate/General/Seasonal Dinners

Pre-Order Your Charcuterie Board

Nothing says a party quite like a Charcuterie Board. Treat your guests to a selection of meats, cheeses, crostinis, and small batch preserves hand-selected by Cilantro’s talented Chef, Lancelot Monteiro. We are excited to be in partnership with Cilantro and offer a selection of Charcuterie Boards pre-assembled by their talented chefs. The boards range from 5 to 12 items, offering a…

'Meat' Our Staff

‘Meat’ Simone!

Why did you become a butcher? To be honest, the initial reason was just that I needed a job. Little did I know, butchery was something that I would become really passionate about and pursue as a career.  I’m from Biella, a little town in northern Italy near the Alps – this is where I got my first job working…


25% Off Natural Beef Ribeyes & Striploins

From August 28th to September 4th, all three Urban Butcher locations will be offering our local and naturally raised Beef Ribeye & Striploin steaks for 25% off. Stop by Mission, Willow Park Village, or our newly-opened shop in Granary Road Market this week to pick some up! Both the Ribeye and Striploin steaks are raised locally without the use of…