Host A Great Backyard BBQ Bash With These 3 BBQ Tips!

Host A Great Backyard BBQ Bash With These 3 BBQ Tips!

We understand that planning, organizing, and throwing a patio party at home can be a huge undertaking, and the idea of having to prepare food and drink for a large group of people is an intimidating one. But not to worry, we’ve pulled together some BBQ tips and tricks to help you out and to make sure your guests have a fun and delicious time.


The Main Event… Meat!

There’s nothing quite as delicious as a quality piece of meat straight off the BBQ, and you are sure to make your guests mouths (and yours) water by offering a variety of tasty and party-worthy meats at your outdoor shindig. We recommend picking 2-3 different meats to serve your guests so that you are able to please everyone, yet whoever is manning the grill won’t be too overwhelmed.

Bison-Hotdogs-Summer-Grilling-BBQ-Calgary- Urban Butcher-Mission-Willow ParkBison-Bratwurst-Saskatoon Berry-Sausage-Summer-Grilling-BBQElk-Smokies-Grilling-BBQ-Barbeque-Urban Butcher-Calgary-Mission-Willow Park

What To Cook

Gourmet Elk Smokies, Bison Saskatoon Berry Bratwurst, & Bison Hot Dogs – These are all an easy and classic pick for a backyard get together while still offering your guests something unique and exciting.  The Elk Smokies are a versatile and smoky option to entice your guests into trying something new. Alternatively, offer the Bison Saskatoon Berry Bratwurst at your party as an unexpected but wildly enjoyable option. And for the kids at heart, be sure to have our tasty Bison Hot Dogs on hand. One great thing about sausages is they retain their heat and juiciness after cooking, so you don’t have to worry about them going cold before your guests get their hands on them! Also, they don’t contain any nitrates and are made with naturally raised bison! 

Fresh Signature Bison Burgers – What’s a backyard party without a good burger? These patties are a flavourful and healthy alternative to the traditional burger, and are sure to please all the burger-lovers at your party.

Cold Smoked Ribeye & Striploin Steaks – Impress your guests with these smoky, flavour-packed Ribeye and Striploin steaks that can only be found at Urban Butcher in Calgary! We suggest grilling them to medium rare – that’s about 4 minutes per side, flipping every 2 minutes to get those beautiful grill marks.

RMR-Kitchen-BBQ-Sauce CalgaryUrban Butcher Cold Smoked Ribeye 


How To Dress Up Your Meat

Both locations of Urban Butcher have a huge selection of CRMR Kitchen condiments that are the perfect way to put a unique spin on classic BBQ grub. Below are some of our suggestions to help you do just that!

CRMR Heirloom Tomato Ketchup – Ketchup is, and always will be, one of the key ingredients in creating a great BBQ spread, but why not shake things up a bit? This ketchup is made with blended local heirloom tomatoes, brown sugar, and paprika along with other natural ingredients to create a tangy, sweet, and preservative-free ketchup that goes perfectly with burgers and sausages.

CRMR Rose Hip Chili Glaze – This Asian-inspired sauce is made with local and natural Alberta rose hip jelly, and can be used to baste or dip any of your BBQ meats. We highly recommend this to go along with our Chicken Skewers to add a little zest!

CRMR Whiskey or Black Currant BBQ Sauces – The Whiskey BBQ Sauce is a delicious, all-encompassing BBQ sauce that can be used as a marinade or to baste any kind of meats. Looking for something a little different? Give our Black Currant BBQ Sauce a go! Made with local black currants and honey, this sauce adds a light smoky flavor to any of your meats.


How To Pull It Off

BBQ-grilling-summer-urban butcher-meatThe Spread – Ensuring that your offerings are appealing and presented in a logical order is key in pulling off a streamlined and delicious BBQ party! We recommend designating a large table as the buffet for your guests to put together their own plates. It is best to place things like chips and salsa, salads, veggie and fruit trays, and other side dishes near the beginning of the table to ensure your guests get their fill of sides.

Looking for some salad inspo?  View Chef Lance’s favorite Potato Salad recipe. Next, the main event – place all of the meaty mains in the center, along with hamburger and hot dog buns.

Lastly, set up a DIY condiments station at the end. Make sure you have a wide variety of toppings so that you can please all of your guests, regardless of their condiment preferences!

Manning the Grill – Timing is everything when it comes to turning out a delicious, warm, smoky burger or sausage. When grilling multiple kinds of meat, it is important to time it effectively so that you don’t have certain meats sitting out and getting cold while others are cooking. Additionally, ensure you are cooking your meats to the proper internal temperature. Need some tips on how to whip up and cook a great burger? Click here to get some quick tips!