Meaty & Mouthwatering Ideas for National Sandwich Month

Meaty & Mouthwatering Ideas for National Sandwich Month

The sandwich – one of human kinds’ greatest inventions. Whether you are slapping together a quick PB & J to enjoy on-the-go, or sitting down to feast on a gourmet BLT at a fancy restaurant, you are guaranteed an enjoyable time. This masterpiece of a meal was coined in the 1700s and named after John Montagu, the 4th earl of Sandwich, who was so caught up in gambling that he wouldn’t take the time to eat. Hence, he discovered that putting meat between bread would allow him to feast with ease all while continuing his game. As such, the sandwich was born – and we are so thankful it was.

Need some sandwich inspo to celebrate this glorious day appropriately? Keep on reading for some tips on what to put between slices in order to up your sandwich game.


national-sandwich-month-beef-steak-pork-urban-butcher-calgary-mission-willow park


Perhaps one of the most soulful and comforting dishes out there, pulled pork is a great way to liven up a wide variety of meals, but especially, your sandwich-making abilities. Thankfully, whipping up a great pulled pork is fairly easy and fool-proof. You can create many variations of a pulled pork depending on the spice mixture you use – we love going sweet and smoky by rubbing the meat with cumin, paprika, brown sugar, and dry mustard before cooking.

As for how to cook a big, juicy pork shoulder… you don’t necessarily need a big BBQ and lots of grilling experience. It can be as easy as plopping the meat and some seasoning in a slow cooker, setting it, and forgetting it for half a day.

national-sandwich-month-beef-steak-pork-bbq-sauce-CRMR Kitchen-urban-butcher-calgary-mission-willow parkAlternatively, you can also roast up some succulent pulled pork in a trusty, reliable dutch oven. This method can take a lot less time than using a slow cooker, but still manages to yield a moist and tender pulled pork perfect for putting between bread.

After searing the meat in the dutch oven on stove-top and adding some kind of stock (try CRMR Kitchen Game Stock), we recommend pouring half a bottle of CRMR Kitchen Black Currant and Foothills Honey BBQ Sauce over the meat for a sweet and tangy twist. Transfer the meat to your oven, and about 5 hours later, you’ll have a serving (or two… or three) of pulled pork full of flavour, texture, and bite.

Now, for the most important part – how to turn plain old pulled pork into an impactful, delicious, mouthwatering pulled pork sandwich. As for the bread, we tend to opt for a simple yet effective pick. Kaiser rolls and hamburger buns are a great go-to for pulled pork sandwiches as they are sturdy enough to support a huge mound of saucy meat, while simultaneously not overpowering the smoky and sweet flavours in the pork.

Next, you can go the reliable route and top your pork with a homemade coleslaw and some CRMR Kitchen Dill Pickles. Looking to jazz it up and try something different? Top your meat with some roasted red pepper and Urban Butcher Black Olive Tapenade for a Mediterranean twist!



national-sandwich-month-beef-steak-pork-urban-butcher-calgary-mission-willow park


There is little in this life as satisfying as a well-executed steak sandwich – the juicy, charming, aromatic presence of sliced beef on lightly toasted bread (baguette or sourdough, in our opinion) is unlike anything else. With the addition of some fresh produce and unique fixings to balance out the savoury and rich medium-rare steak, prepare yourself for heaven between bread.

There are two directions we like to go when creating a steak sandwich – grilling up a Top Sirloin Steak to medium-rare and slicing it thick against the grain, or popping a Top Sirloin Roast in the oven until it is moist and juicy, shaving it into thin slices and piling high on your bread of choice.

national-sandwich-month-beef-steak-pork-urban-butcher-calgary-mission-willow park-dill-pickles-CRMR KitchenWhen it comes to grilling a Top Sirloin Steak, we recommend seasoning (oh-so-generously) with salt and pepper, then throwing on the grill at high heat for 3 minutes per side for medium-rare goodness. Once perfectly pink in the center, let the steak rest for about 10 minutes to soak up all the juices. Then, drizzle some CRMR Kitchen Red Wine Demi Glaze over top, slice it against the grain about half-an-inch thick, and prepare to have your mouth watering like crazy. We recommend whipping up a roasted garlic aioli to spread on a thick-cut sourdough to perfectly accompany the rich meat. Top with some thinly sliced raw red onion and a heaping pile of fresh and peppery arugula, and you are ready to devour your Top Sirloin Steak Sandwich.

On to the Top Sirloin Roast – an incredibly comforting and delicious cut of meat perfect for dry roasting. We like to rub the roast in garlic powder and Urban Butcher Steak Spice prior to roasting, and then throw it in the oven at 350°. You should budget 20 minutes per pound in order to get a juicy and rich medium rare piece of meat. Once it is cooked and has rested, shave thin slices off (across the grain, of course). Prepare a French-style baguette by spreading CRMR Kitchen Horseradish Mustard on the inside for a spicy kick and top with caramelized onions, provolone cheese, and some CRMR Kitchen Dill Pickles.

We hope you find a scrumptious and meat-centric way to celebrate National Sandwich Month! Show us your creations on social media by either tagging Urban Butcher or using the hashtag #shareurbanbutcher – we love to see what people come up with using our meat!