New Year, New You

New Year, New You

With Christmas done and dusted, January sets the New Year with an impulsive urge to press ‘RESET’. New Year resolutions are a great way for you to set goals for the upcoming year, while taking a stand for your personal health and well-being. If eating a healthier, more balanced diet sits at the top of your list, we have the ingredients and a few tips for cooking up a ‘New You’ in the kitchen.

First off, we believe it’s important to know why eating meat contributes to a well-balanced diet. Meat contains key components for promoting growth of the body’s cells and for building muscle. High in Protein, Iron, Zinc, and B Vitamins, it acts as a great source of energy. The quality of the meat you choose to eat is integral to the nutritional benefits it will play upon consumption!

High quality meats, would be from animals raised on nutrient dense, grass pasture and not grain fed in factories. The more nutritious food they eat, the more nutritious food you eat – it makes sense! Another quality to look out for is whether the animal has been treated with hormones or antibiotics. The Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch, where we source our game meat from, is proudly free from both! CRMR believe in raising livestock in the most natural habitat possible, producing quality, local meat.

We’ve broken down the best meats to include in your New Year healthy diet into 3 categories:

Lean Red Meats: our selection would include cuts from Bison, Elk and Beef. Bison is extremely nutrient dense; our lean cuts include Top Round and Top Sirloin. Elk is also a nutrient dense meat, the leanest cuts we have include Top Sirloin, Tenderloin, Striploin and Ground. Both raised locally at our CRMRanch, these game meats are proudly raised hormone and antibiotic free on the rolling foothills of Calgary, Alberta. Lastly, we also have beef, supplied locally from a hormone and antibiotic free farm in Aspen Ridge. The leaner cuts we sell include Sirloin Tip, Eye of Round, Top Sirloin and Ground.


White Meats: our selection includes Chicken and Turkey – Breast and Ground being the leanest cuts we stock. Our chicken is raised at Maple Hill Farm in the Fraser Valley, our Turkey from Ewelmey Colony close to Lethbridge, again both hormone and antibiotic free. We believe the beauty of white meat, are the versatile flavors you’re able to get creative with for a variety of meals.


Fish: although limited, we have cuts of Wild Salmon – wild meaning not fish farmed and from the ocean! This is one of the more popular meats you see associated with ‘healthy eating’ and that’s because of its high-quality protein and Omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 promotes a healthy heart and blood flow throughout the body. Our blood vessels are the highway of nutritional distribution, it’s certainly important to keep them flowing strong!


Consuming meat protein with the correct amount of fruit, vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, dairy products and unsaturated fats, will give you the balanced diet essential for promoting and maintaining the healthy body you need. We’re excited to introduce some new recipes to our Chopping Block to help inspire the new and improved you in 2018!


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