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Bison Burger Patties

Bison patties make for a delicious and healthy alternative to beef patties. The meat is naturally more lean than beef, and tastes great off the grill for your next backyard BBQ. Try it with CRMR Kitchen BBQ Sauces for the ultimate flavour. Seasoned 6oz patties are also available. Our meat is raised naturally without the use of hormones or antibiotics and is supplied by the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch.

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Bison Hot Dogs

The perfectly nostalgic yet unique option for your summer BBQ, these Bison Hot Dogs offer a smoky and versatile flavour profile.

Blackening Spice

A great way to kick up the flavour of fish, poultry or sea food. Rub into meats or add to sauces to add depth of flavour to a dish easily.

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Elk Smokies

These Elk Smokies, crafted with local meat, are a great way to enjoy a summer night with friends and family. Enjoy them on an artisan bun with some CRMR Kitchen condiments and fresh, local produce.

Pig Wings

Have a love for chicken wings and looking to shake things up? Try our pig wings, which are pork shanks trimmed down to satisfy BBQ lovers! Get all of the fun of wing night without having to prepare such large batches. Pig wings offer a larger and heartier option which turns into less prep time! The perfect addition to any…

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Pork Bacon Bratwurst Sausage

These Bratwurst sausages are the perfect way to liven up your barbecue dinners. Ask our butchers for tips on how to grill these to perfection!

Pork English Banger Sausage

Cook up the perfect English dish with these pork English banger sausages. Perfectly pairs with mashes potatoes and onion gravy!

Pork Mild and Hot Italian Sausage

This simple and delicious Mild Italian Sausage is a breeze to whip up for a family meal. It’s a classic meal that never gets old. Serve it over rice or pasta or stuff it into hoagie rolls for a filling dinner the whole family will enjoy.